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This is the english translation of the german "[URL=""]Streamposting rules[/URL]" [LIST] [*] It's not allowed to open new topics for the same movie Add all your stream-Mirror-links via the "[U

This is the english translation of the german "Streamposting rules"
  • It's not allowed to open new topics for the same movie
    Add all your stream-Mirror-links via the "Add Links Button" (<- Screenshot) to the thread.
    [To add more mirror links to your own Thread later please use the "Edit" button and NOT the aforementioned "Add Links" button, provided the thread is not older than 1 month (Edit permission limit)...]

    Exceptions of this rule: 1. Your new post has a different language ["prefix" (e.g.: ENglish) ] or the topic can't be found by the "Display-Similiar-Posts-Modification". 2. Complete TV Shows seasons are excluded from this rule.

  • Any kind of manipulation for the purpose to gain an advantage or willful damage to the site (e.g. deleting your own videos or pushing your own posts) leads immediately to a ban.

  • User are only from "VIP Uploader rank" able to post current german language "Cinema Movies" (All movies in the Cinema Movies Forum are current.)

  • Downloads can only be posted in appropriate Stream-forums and only in connection with at least one online stream link.

  • If the movie cover and description aren't added automatically it's necessary to add them manually. Tip:
    Show Tip (improve IMDB automatic data entry)

    Check with the preview function if the IMDB data is automatically attached. ("Preview Post" button)
    If not search for the movie at and copy the ID from the IMDB link for example. tt0448157 (OR the original title together with the year) into the title field of the thread.
    Attention! The data is loaded only once by the first preview. You must use the back button and try it again. Do not forget to adjust the title again at the end.

  • Any referrer affiliates such as relink.u*,linkcrypt.w* etc. are forbidden

  • It's not allowed to create collective threads/mega threads neither in the XXX- nor in the Movie-Forums (new thread per film). Also Movies with more then 2 parts are not allowed! Exception: extra long movies

  • New or less known filehosters are generally forbidden without further agreement with our administrators ( the filehoster is forbidden if the stream link isn't automatically generated!) >> Recommend Hoster here

  • Only original titles should be used as a topic. Exception: the year in brackets e.g. "(1994)" can be used if there are 2 movies of the same title. Additions like *DVDRip*, *Uncut*, etc. or diphthongs (ae, ue, oe) as good as release names in the topic-title are not allowed!

  • TV SHOWS: You can only post complete seasons of series in the appropriate series-subforums, except it's new seasons

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